Information that you can trust – (3 of 3)

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Fireworks – that’s what I feel like when I review the past week.  I love to research and could probably spend the rest of my life researching/searching for resources however that wouldn’t pay the bills.  I definitely found more that I was bargaining for when I started looking into blogs and videos that I consider to be trustworthy.   Now, it is time to share them with you!

Blogs about Music Therapy

Turns out, this would be a very lengthy blog indeed if I started describing the 35 active music therapy blogs about the profession/music therapy education/etc.   That doesn’t count the additional 17 blogs that are published intermittently.  WoW!   I’ve complied a list of URLs that should allow you to subscribe to the RSS feeds for most of these blogs.  It is public and fully editable.  You can find it at:

Happy reading!

Videos about Music Therapy

While there may only be a 35 active bloggers, there are literally hundreds of videos with a title that includes the term “music therapy”.  A good majority of them can be ignored as either:  a) not representing music therapy – the profession or b) those that demonstrate a specific technique (e.g.  _____ on the boomwackers).  I’ve also tried to weed out those that are promoting a specific business or educational institutions.

There are three main sites that I used to source the resulting list presented here.

YouTube –  (Of course)
Vimeo –

Sadly, my searching did not result in many foreign (non-North American) videos.  Perhaps it was a language issues (I only speak English and a little French) or perhaps I wasn’t looking in the right places.  The obvious exceptions are the videos prepared by the Regional Liasons of the World Federation of Music Therapy located at:

You can view a list of the YouTube based videos that I recommend by visiting

For a list of all (spread across all sites) of the videos that I am recommending, visit my Google docs spreadsheet located at:’


I also discovered, much to my delight, a new video that will be released shortly called “Music Therapy Matters”.  Obviously I can’t say that it will, or won’t be a video that should be included in this list of “credible” videos about music therapy but the trailer certainly leaves an impression.  Better still, the full length version will be available, free of charge on both YouTube and Vimeo on Aug. 15th, 2011

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this 3 part series.  Previous posts in this “Information That You Can Trust” series can be found at:

Information That You Can Trust (Part  1 of 3) –
Information That You Can Trust (Part 2 of 3) –

Please feel free to make comments about these resources or leave a link to a resource that you think should be included.


About John Lawrence

I am a music therapist by profession. I also enjoy backpacking, jazz, and photography.
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One Response to Information that you can trust – (3 of 3)

  1. In presenting this list/links to these videos I am being a little self-serving (doing some of my homework as an instructor of two “Introduction to music therapy” courses), while attempting to offer you, members of the public, a place to view some quality video about music therapy. I did not, purposefully, include a list of commercially available videos that I also use to enhance the curriculum.

    I encourage your responses and reactions to the list located on Google Docs (publically available, editable).

    P.S. I updated the list this morning (Aug. 9, 2011 @ 7:40 AM (MST))

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